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Sacramento A-list

I am honored to be nominated for the best of Sacramento 2016!
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  1. Alicia can do wonders to help you feel rejuvenated. Alicia has the magic touch! ~margarita
  2. Alicia is truly magical! Don't miss an opportunity to book with her. ~Lennette
  3. Alicia is the best at massage, she really helps to heal your body! ~Serena
  4. The technique and compassion are excellent. You leave a revived person. ~MaryAnn
  5. I work construction and in my old age I'm still working away. Alicia helps me maintain mobility on my job through her perfectly placed hands. She always finds the trouble spots!  ~Kim
  6. Alicia is amazing, truly has magical hands. She's a wizard at what she does, knows her anatomy and has helped me out so much with my chronic pain. ~Shannon
  7. I've never had a better massage. This woman really is magical. She's worked with on price, she's always done what I asked for, and she goes above and beyond! I love her! ~Abigail
  8. Each massage is customized to whatever your body requires --- Alicia is conversant in multiple techniques and intuits exactly the right "mix" that provides optimum results. ~patricia
  9. Jardins magical hands is by far the BEST massage I have had. Perfection every time! ~Tricia
  10. She really has magic hands! ~Erin
  11. Alicia really does have magic hands. I have had a ton of injuries and surgeries, and she is gentle while being very theraputic. I am so glad I found her, and would never go to anyone else in town. She is tops! ~Molly
  12. She is a gifted masseuse who puts her clients first -- clearly she knows her own talent to task and we all benefit greatly from her choice to pursue massage therapy ! Let's insure her hands!! ~Laurie
  13.  I have been in pain for many months I've been trying many different types of pain relief . Acupuncture, massages, cupping, chiropractors; however I have not felt as much relief as I do when I leave here massages! I'm very grateful to find her. ~ Melinda
  14. You will leave in better shape than you arrive. Alicia's hands are blessed. ~Sandra
  15. I have never had a better massage (and I consider myself a connoisseur of receiving massages). She has the perfect touch, always gets the tight spots. She also takes care of the little details with aromatherapy, hot towels, heated table, water, eye mask, etc. And the price cannot be beat! ~Sally
  16. Over and above when it comes to detail. ~Alisa
  17. You will feel fabulous after she is done with you. You will be walking on a cloud and your body will be wanting more... Kinda like a potatoe chip you can't stop at just one. ~Terri
  18. Very good at what she does. ~Pamela
  19. Treat yourself to a home massage! One of the best experiences for total relaxation. ~Lesley
  20. She is awesome.. best around!! ~Russ
  21. Alicia is intuitive, educated in advanced forms of massage and has excellent knowledge of the body. She is professional and always focused on the the needs of her clients. She knows my body and has made recommendations on how I can change my living habits to improve my physical and emotional health. I love her massages. I like to have a nonverbal session so I can just relax and melt into Nirvana. She is worth her weight in gold and I highly recommend her. ~Rikki
  22. She is medicinal with her massages! She was even able to tell my niece she had something that needed to be checked out on her rib cage. She was correct and my niece is in physical therapy correcting the issue. Now my niece knows why her back was always hurting! ~Kelly
  23. Alicia is a professional at making your body feel great. She makes you feel comfortable, sets up to make you relax. ~Jason
  24. Alicia has been my massage practionier for over 2 years. She is mobile and comes to my home and creates a relaxing atmosphere, heated table and magical hands to find those spots that need work and release and those spots that send chills down because she was able to work out a knot. She always exceeds expectations. ~Joni
  25. The best massage therapist I've ever had. Intuitive as well as highly skilled. Always a gift to have Alicia work on my armored body and knotted muscles. ~Deborah
  26. Alicia takes the time to understand where her thereapy is needed most. She always takes her time and always makes sure you leave well relaxed. I love her methods and advice even when the massage is over. Always will recommend her! ~Christina
  27. Alicia finds every tight muscle and works it out until it is relieved. Her massages are so relaxing that I can almost fall asleep. She will apply as little or as much pressure as you can tolerate. I feel truly wonderful after each and every massage! ~Bernadette
  28. Alicia is the very best. She is very professional and makes you feel like you are her only client. I have recommended her to numerous friends and everyone of them was very happy that I did. She is Amazing! ~ Patty

Customer reviews

Excellent job on trouble areas Alicia does a wonderful job of getting those trouble spots and working them out without pain or discomfort. She is a great listener and really wants to get you feeling better. Her massage room is very relaxing. I can say with full confidence if you try her you will be a repeat client! Enjoy!
Massage Goddess I have been relying on Alicia's Magical Hands for nearly 4 years now. I depend on her amazing technics to aid in back pain relief every 3 weeks. I don't know what I'd do without her. I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful woman!
Simply the Best! Alicia is amazing. Every massage is more relaxing than the one before. She works every tight muscle until it is loose and pain free. I'very had several massage therapistso during my lifetime, but I'll stick with Alicia from here on out.
The greatest Alicia does wonders. She knows exactly where to go that hurts but doesn't hurt while working out the knots. She is easy and relaxing. Best massage I have had in awhile!
Not just a clever business name Alicia really does have magical hands! I've been going to her for about 3 or 4 years now. She is very accommodating to my pressure limitations and goes out of her way to make a soothing environment. I leave feelin like I'm floating on a cloud. I recommended her to my office for in-house massages, she's that amazing :)
New Review Alicia gives the best massages!!! I have gone to her 3 times now, each time is amazing and so relaxing, I come away feeling refreshed (and less sore). I always look forward to going and I am never disappointed. She is super kind to boot!
If you are looking for a Fantastic massage, look no further than Alicia Jardin!
Such a treat! Alicia is an amazingly talented & intuitive massage therapist. I highly recommend her mobile/in-home massage where she brings everything to your home that you need for a healing experience. She is respectful & knowledgeable with truly healing magic hands.
Laura Chapman
Simply Amazing Alicia is the best masseuse I have ever had. Prior to meeting Alicia, I would go on vacation and book a massage with great excitement, only to be let down by how disappointed I was by the massage. If I could put Alicia on retainer I would! She is very communicative, therefore if you have a problem area or require special attention, she is very receptive (even though she seems to magically know what is going on without you saying anything). Her prices are very affordable. I also love the mobile service. I have two young children so my husband will watch them while I am getting a massage at our house, and then I can watch them while my husband gets a massage! I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.
Great!! Alicia is one of the best. I've gotten plenty of massages and have never had a massage therapist be able to find the spots needing the most attention so quickly, and without me even pointing them out! Will definitely reschedule and look no further. Such a great personality too! Highly recommended!
Joyce Bellucci
She's the BEST Alicia gives the BEST massage I've ever received. She integrates so many different modalities and has mastered them all!! Already can't wait for the next one!
Transformative I have serious lower back issues and was hesitant to try massage. Alicia was so careful with my back while still providing a wonderful massage. The whole experience was truly transformative. My back has not felt this good since prior to my injury! Alicia truly has a gift.